We have created this page based on our consumer needs. Some of your questions may be answered in this list. If you don't find your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

A. The price depends on how many servers will host the application. You can find the specifications on each purchase page on the website, 1D or 2D.
A. First of all, you need to make sure you are correctly trying to reproduce a Code 128. Secondly, Code 128 contains 3 different tables, which means it can have 3 different starting codes, make sure you pick the right start code with the method setStart(). If you are using numbers, Barcode Bakery will try to use the table C, which groups 2 digits together. If you have an odd number of digits, Barcode Bakery will transform the last number in another table (A or B). The Code 128 you are trying to reproduce may have grouped the numbers differently, maybe the first digit is in the table A or B and the last numbers are in the table C. To force Barcode Bakery to use a specific table, look at the introduction in the manual for the parse() method.
A. In order to place the image dynamically generated on your page, you may want to generate the image, then display the image with a <img> tag. But if you want to be more dynamic, you'll want to use a PHP file in the <img> tag, please look at how the /html/image.php file implements the barcode and you will want to do the same.
A. Yes. The 1D license includes the whole package of 1D barcodes whereas the 2D barcodes are bought separately.
A. We send the information to the e-mail you provided in Paypal. You may want to wait a few minutes, and also check in your SPAM folder. If you find that you still haven't received it, you can contact us, attaching Paypal information as a proof of payment.
A. Yes. It is possible, but you will first need to obtain a third-party application such as FPDF. Don't forget to set the DPI of the generated barcode if you wish to print it. Please note that we do not provide technical support in using this third-party application.
A. Yes. As long as you are using Barcode Bakery within your company (in order to improve your productivity, earn money, etc.) you need to obtain a license.
A. The only libraries that you have to include on your website are GD and FreeType. Barcode Bakery generates all barcodes with PHP.
A. Please consider upgrading your PHP version to the latest. If this still happens after the upgrade, contact us.
A. You can contact us and ask for a request. We may consider it for a future release.