Barcodes That Deliver.

Barcode Bakery ensures everything is right where you need it. Use it standalone or integrate into any PHP, .NET, or Node.js application to maximize your efficiency.

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Boost Productivity

Save time by creating barcodes and tracking just about anything.

  • Tickets
    Track entry, re-entry and exit for events, travel and more.
  • Receipts
    Look up previous purchases and invoice.
  • Inventory
    Keep track of merchandise and equipement.
  • Information
    Encode virtually anything: from data to contact details.

Automate and Simplify

Our code is easy to integrate into any application.

$code = new BCGcode128();
$drawing = new BCGDrawing();
public ActionResult Index()
    var code = new BCGcode128();
    var drawing = new BCGDrawing();
var barcodeBakeryCommon = require('barcode-bakery-common');
var barcodeBakery1D = require('barcode-bakery-1d');
var Drawing = barcodeBakeryCommon.Drawing;

var code = new barcodeBakery1D.Code128();
var drawing = new Drawing(code);'image.png');

Reliable Resources

Can't find an answer in our extensive guides and documentation? Our team is always ready to help you use our barcode creation software.

Process Quickly

Barcodes simplify any workflow, reducing the cost and time investment required to store, and retrieve process information. Streamline your system by automating barcode generation so your data is ready in a flash.